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media art / choreography synthesis

From the manipulation of atoms, the World is shifting to the manipulation of numbers and bits of information, to a digitalized version of oneself and to virtual clothes and methods of concentration of resources.

The world that we all perceive as real, with an innumerable number of avatars and life filters, rests on the incompatibility of interfaces and views.

liquID performance - blurs the boundaries between reality and digital flows freely from physical form into motion art design, uniting all existing ecosystems.

Who Are You? Digital or Real?

Art is a collaboration in response to the request for the tangibility of invisible incarnations, copies of people and avatars. We are exploring the alternative and are betting on the fantastic play of "simultaneous multi-worlds cards" and non-stop rendering of consciousness.

The combination of visual tools of influence creates unique art content, the participant of which can become the one who acquires the rights to the idea and implementation - will become the avatar of the performance.

It doesn't matter.

No, it matters.

NFT was created in collaboration of performers and digital artists, especially for the conference, a collectible, never seen again.

A new format on the digital art market is live nft sale, when you can watch the performance of an art performance live, and immediately determine the value for yourself personally and for your community. It is you at this moment who is a connoisseur of digital art, and not a rating or likes, this is a personal hype.

Digital art rights, in addition to the appearance of a new unique format in the collection, allow you to get a personalized product where your avatar will be integrated, both in static and in motion.

Acquisition of NFT - transfers to your avatar new skills that determine your status and attitude of the community. Your avatar becomes a co-author and performer on social media and metaverse.

NFT for skills reflected in digital art by cool performers, released in limited edition.

Digital Art use rights will allow you to earn money in the metaverse in the future. Start collecting and pumping skills now in order to collect the repertoire by the time it becomes possible.

Make a difference!

Create first live NFT with our artists

liquID in names:

1. Girl in a red dress Romanova Christina
2. Paper girl Yakovenko Valeria
3. LiquID's faces awakened their avatar
ON Marchuk Vladimir ONA Kurman Ekaterina
Make-up Drozdova Svetlana
Costume design / stylist Andrey Shelkovsky @qoob_room

Composer Ürögi Jani
Choreographer Boychenko Ekaterina @DIII_cluster
Video director Prima-Samolevsky Daniil (VJ Raine)
Crypto enthusiasts Boichun Serhiy
Ideologist Alexey Zvolinsky
Curator Stiletskaya Dasha